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It's like yogurt, just better.

The most outrageously delicious superfood cup

Creamy Coconut
1000mg Omega 3’s
Live Probiotics

What's in and what's out

  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy and Dairy Free
  • Just 6g of Sugar
  • 1000mg Plant-Based Omega 3’s
  • Live Probiotics
  • Organic
  • Heart-Healthy MCT’s
  • Non-GMO
  • Only 150 Calories
Five wildly delicious flavors

Vanilla Bean

Our bold vanilla is making flavor waves in all four directions.
The vanilla brings out the silky smooth texture of our finely milled-chia. Make this your morning go-to and put a smile on your face.

Ingredients &
Nutritional Facts

Golden Milk

Just the way your new-age mom makes it. Everyone’s favorite anti-inflammatory orangeroot-god Turmeric mixes with creamy coconut for a true elixir of life. #TurmericSaves

Ingredients &
Nutritional Facts


Strawberries - the perfect pucker. We take only the ripest berries and blend them with the most luscious coconut milk for a strawberry taste explosion you’ll never forget.

Ingredients &
Nutritional Facts


Only the most majestic of fruits can wear the color blue. These yummy antioxidant-rich balls of joy pack big blue taste in every bite.

Ingredients &
Nutritional Facts

Sea Salt

The divine union of sweet and salty is an alchemical marriage for the ages. We use premium cocoa for an antioxidant, guilt-free snack that your kids will think is dessert. (You might, too.)

Ingredients &
Nutritional Facts

Because you’re already
sweet enough.

Yooga has less than half the sugar of the leading brand.

#MySpiritPlant Giveaway

Spirit animals are a thing of the past. What's your spirit plant?
Tell us and you could win a month of free Yooga!

  • When you get your
    hands on some Yooga,
    take a pic and tell us
    what your spirit plant (or
    tree!) is in the caption.
  • Tag one of your friends
    who would love Yooga
    as much as you.
  • Use
    and tag
  • Each week we'll
    pick someone to
    win free Yooga!

Want to talk Yooga?

We speak plant

Yooga Has Arrived
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